16 ft. Booster Jumper Cables 6 Ga, Gloves, High Quality Black Storage Bag

  • 59.99

Crusher's jumper cable is designed to jump the smallest of cars to the largest of trucks or SUVs. Made from 6-gauge copper wire, that is 16 ft. long. You won't even need to worry about pulling too close to the other vehicle.

Most importantly the convenient storage bag allows you to keep the entire kit and all of its components from cluttering your vehicle's valuable storage space. The design of the bag allows for placement under or behind the seat or next to the spare tire in your trunk. Out of sight from the necessary items that you need to carry, but never out of mind. When that moment arises that you need to be recovered, or if you are needed to assist another vehicle in distress, rest assured that you will be able to help.

  • Extra heavy duty jumper cables in a storage bag
  • Compact storage bag that holds extra heavy duty jumper cables
  • Crusher products safety gloves

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