9mm Blazer Brass Ammunition

9mm Blazer Brass Ammunition

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You can never have too much ammunition and the 9x19 caliber is one of the most versatile out there. It is the pistol caliber of choice for the United States military and many law enforcement agencies but it is also beloved by target shooters and survivalists alike. 

We are partnering with Douglas County Firearms, a local firearm store and range, to offer you excellent deals on ammunition, firearm accessories, and (in the near future) guns as well. We believe that it is important to support local businesses as much as possible, and gun stores are no exception. That's why we've priced this ammunition to sell, and cheaper than what many of the big box stores charge for it.

This ammunition is good, clean, and re-loadable. We've run hundreds of rounds through our pistols without a single issue. 

50 rounds/box
10 boxes/case