BUNDLE! Six Magpul GEN3 30-Round PMAGs (w/ Window)

BUNDLE! Six Magpul GEN3 30-Round PMAGs (w/ Window)

  • 72.00
  • Save $1800

What a deal! A bundle of six Magpul PMAGs (w/ windows) for just $12 each!

We all remember how hard these were to find at the height of the Democrats' last gun control push. The shelves were empty and when you could find them, they were priced way WAY above where they should have been.

I remember buying one of these magazines for $25. But, it was a purchase I had to make. I couldn't risk waiting too long and not being able to own these.

Now, the scare is over. The panic buying has stopped and we are starting to see products back on the shelves.

You don't know when the next gun control push will be. And by that time, it will be too late to purchase these. The price gougers will already have jacked up the prices.

These are the top of the line. Keep them for a rainy day or treat them as an investment. Trust me, the next time the gun control nuts come knocking, you'll be able to sell these for double!

We're offering a pack of SIX PMAGs for the unbelievably low price of $72. That comes out to just $12 EACH! Buy yours before we run out!