BUNDLE! Six ProMag 42-Round AR-15 Magazines

BUNDLE! Six ProMag 42-Round AR-15 Magazines

  • 74.94
  • Save $3305

What's better than a 30-round magazine? 

A 42-round magazine! 

These ProMag magazines feed reliably and they are made of durable, military-grade polymer.

Two years ago, when the Democrats were pushing hard to ban so-called "high capacity" magazines, these 42-round ProMags were going for a whopping $50! That's crazy, but it just goes to show how much these magazines are worth in a crisis.

We're offering these in a pack of SIX for $12.49 each! If you walk into one of the big outfitter box stores (Cab***'s), you're going to be paying more that $17 just for one of these!

The Democrats will try to ban these again. And when they do, it will be too late to stock up. But if you buy them now, you can ensure that your family is protected before the next crisis, and you'll be getting a helluva deal as well!